Video Ads

We improve the visibility of your brand using a dynamic, high impact format.


This powerful marketing tool has grown over the last years thanks to different factors: The manufacturing of increasingly connected mobile devices and a significant number of users who consume this technology, as well as products that can be accessed through it.

For this reason, video advertising is nowadays a strategy that combines a guaranteed reception of the messages and a constant possibility for optimization, in addition to the high potential videos have to achieve a viral spread through social networks.

Mobile devices ensure access to Video Ads, so a comprehensive development and management of advertising campaigns with a focus on making them creative and entertaining enough to strengthen a bond with your target becomes necessary to turn the experience into a seemingly face-to-face interaction.

Thanks to our accurate visibility indicators, Video ads can achieve high impact levels.

  • Designing a Video Ads campaign that fits your brand and your business objectives.
  • Implementing the various advertising units, whether pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.
  • Placing video ads in different formats to gain the widest reach possible be it web, mobile, or over-the-top (OTT) content.
  • Tracking and assessing online video analytics.
  • Recognizing and using the new standard of measurement for these campaigns: the attention index.
  • Measuring the effectiveness and impact of each ad.
  • Consultancy on achieving the best Video Ads campaign on a programmatic platform.
  • Defining positioning strategies using linear, non-linear and complementary ads.
  • Production of SEO content for ads.