Programmatic Media Buying

We provide more effective advertising impressions through an automatic platform.


By implementing a DSP (Demand Slide Platform), you may access an advertising-impressions purchase system without requiring time-consuming tasks such as audience metrics, media analysis, and other related tasks that are usually carried out manually.

Programmatic media buying allows access to ad space on AdExchanges, web pages, and other formats from a control panel that will offer you a group of specific audiences, with behavioral and retargeting strategies, with the commitment to make a purchase in real time and get more accurate results.

Our team will make sure your business demand is met, by performing specific campaigns according to age, gender, past purchases, sites visited and geography of the audience.

  • Preparing a DSP that is efficient in terms of management, report submission, and advertisement optimization.
  • Generating the algorithms required to pin point a media inventory relating the client with its audience.
  • Developing RTB alerts to analyze the bidding in real time and the opportunities offered by SSP bid platforms.
  • Optimizing the parameters chosen by the client to be part of a programmatic buying platform.
  • Creating private exchanges in top quality environments (PMP).
  • Balancing programmatic buying with a correct management of Social Media Ads.