Paid Search

We generate strategies so your sponsored ads achieve a relevant positioning improving your brand's ROI.


The organic positioning of your company on the web is not the only way to ensure that internet users find your brand's product. You can also implement sponsored ads, which are strategically inserted in search results.

A good online marketing campaign considers obtaining a portion of the total traffic by purchasing advertisement on search engines. The sponsored ads will reach the audience efficiently on the basis of a correct combination of keywords.

This type of campaign is known as PPC (pay-per-click), and its success is driven by ad design, selection of keywords, and investment. As a result, our team will pave the way to a return on investment that will make this method the most versatile one, and well-adjusted to your budget.

  • Determining keywords that are relevant for your website.
  • Developing a strategy for sponsored ads.
  • Generating pay-per-click tactics.
  • Recognizing and introducing Long Tail business models.
  • Creating and setting up SEO content related to your business.
  • Generating link-building actions.
  • Monitoring the positioning of your ads real-time.
  • Following up metrics to assess the performance of your ads.
  • Evaluating and adjusting the investment, exceeding ROI objectives.
  • Managing to select the search engines in the sites related to your brand.
  • Managing to appear on the first page of a search engine in the searches related to your brand.