Mobile Advertising

We take your ads to your clients.


Smartphones or tablets have become essential technology devices for most people, being increasingly used for connectivity and task organization purposes. This is why implementing ads and tracking them, making sure their formats suit these channels, is key to opening new windows to increase the visibility of your company.

The boom in the manufacturing of increasingly sophisticated devices in terms of hardware drives the development of various software that make these channels more effective to attract clients and build loyalty.

Therefore, a good Mobile advertising campaign includes the adjustment of your website to fit the proper format needed, the implementation of all beta testings required to carry out a proposal, and the analysis of all the technology advances that may increase the reach of your brand.

  • Developing advertising campaigns adapted to standard mobile formats (X-Large, Large, Medium, Small).
  • Designing advertising per unit, be it mobile web, SMS, MMS, Video Ads or In-Apps.
  • Following up on metrics related to impressions or percentage of clicks for each ad.
  • Integrating the mobile campaign with a programmatic buying platform.
  • Ad exchanges in real time.
  • Assessing and implementing campaigns taking into account apps and proprietary sites that can be related to your business.
  • Increasing the visibility of your business by intensifying a Mobile Social Media Advertising proposal.
  • Monitoring and analyzing results.
  • Studying the performance of ads in mobile programmatic platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Optimizing the mobile visualization of your website using the jQuery software.
  • Implementing new technologies, such as multiplatform technology, NFC, QR Codes or augmented reality.