Community Management

We interact with your followers and create quality content.


A good Social Media Ads, Video Ads and Mobile Advertising campaign depends on, among other factors, a good social media positioning strategy, along with an efficient management of the social media profile of your brand.

To achieve this, we rely on a team specialized in production and placement of quality SEO content across different platforms.

In addition, this team will be responsible for both keeping your community of followers updated and accurately responding to their different requests, not only ensuring respectful interactions with followers but also considering the different metrics that may provide insight on user behavior.

Therefore, the Community Managers assigned to your brand will be in charge of leading a social media community, generating links aligned with each digital platform.

  • Interacting constantly with the Social Media Manager to implement new strategies.
  • Developing SEO content related to your brand.
  • Adapting content and publishing it across different digital platforms.
  • Monitoring social network activity.
  • Registering news arising from the interaction with your followers.
  • Reporting and analysis of metrics.
  • Direct interaction with users and clients.
  • Introducing subjects and managing feedback.
  • Offering support to your clients through social networks.
  • Constantly interacting with the Social Media Manager to implement new strategies.